Aja’ ChaChanhsy Portfolio

Aja’ ChaChanhsy Portfolio

Hi everyone I’m Aja Chachanhsy a 24 year old Thai and Laotian fun ball but I also have a sensual sexy side of me.  My profession is an Adult actress along with being a glamor model.

I was born and raised in the city of Richmond California but relocated to Southern California about two years ago.  I’m starting to enjoy it here but I do miss the fresh seafood. 

My favorite sport is MMA. I love the blood and glory of the fighters it turns me on. The men rough and sexy so I guess you could say I like my men a little scruffy and a little polished. Speaking of MMА you can grab the autumn issue of MMA Unleashed to see my feature and catch me on HBOs broadcasting of King of the Cage. I’l be the sexy redheaded ring girl.  Other places I’ve been featured are Playboy TV show Foursome and a few B films.

Things about me that might surprise you are I actually stop to smell the flowers. I have passion for floral design and will soon pursuе a degree in that field; also I am a natural comedian. My friends and family can always count on me for a big laugh. I keep my fans laughing with my joke of the day that I share with them.

I love meeting new people, especially my fans. I love them to death and accept them so much. I enjoy it most when I meet fans while I’m out at an event, so follow my calendar to see where I’l be next and don’t be shy to come and say hi.